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Biology Specialist and Researcher

Abra is a seasoned educator who has been tutoring and teaching since 2012.  She specializes in all levels of Biology, breaking down and explaining concepts for students from middle school through college, as well as those taking the MCAT.  She also specializes in developing study skills for all levels of students, including building study and practice habits for elementary and middle school students and building critical college preparatory study skills for high school students.

Abra is currently studying in the Medical Laboratory Science Program at Emory University to become a board certified Pathologist.  As part of this program, she has worked on experimental designs in the fields of theoretical quantum biophysics and medicinal plant biology.

Interests and hobbies: local improv theatre groups, science fiction, reading


  • Georgia State University, BS in Biology with a Minor in Chemistry

  • Emory University, MS in Biological and Biomedical Science (in progress)


Study Skills

Time Management • Prioritizing Assignments • Keeping Track of Grades • Finding Resources • Pacing • Organization • Note-Taking and Outlining

Test Prep

SSAT • MCAT • AP Biology • AP Environmental Science • AP Psychology • AP Human Geography




Biology • Biochemistry • Physiology/Anatomy • Anatomy • Botany • Environmental Science • Psychology • Neuroanatomy/neurobiology/neuropsychology • Organic Chemistry

Social Science

Human Geography

College Essay Writing

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