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ProForm U Resume, Interview, and Negotiation Prep

Tutoring for students and professionals in the strategy and art of collaborative communication at every touch point. Our students and clients have gained admission to their first choice schools, secured spots on college athletic teams, obtained legal and business positions from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, and increased their salaries to levels they truly deserve — all while collaboratively managing the hyper-competitive organizational politics of today’s educational and professional environments.

Designed and taught by co-founder Elaine Rosenblum based on her teaching, professional, and business experience as an attorney, negotiation expert, and corporate marketing veteran.


ProForm U Interview Prep

Develop a powerfully written resume and cover letter

Build confidence and clarity to articulate the accomplishments on your resume

Converse with specificity Identify target industries and research potential employers

Become skilled at obtaining interviews through networking or informal social events

Understand the valued skills of an ideal candidate in the current education or job market

Learn to analyze specific industries, companies, and the interviewer’s career history in order to demonstrate critical thinking skills

Articulate job experience and skills in terms of an employer’s specific needs

Leverage feedback from mock interview questions and role plays

Gain body language and etiquette awareness in a professional setting

Employ collaborative mindset, tone, and language choice

Recover gracefully from questions that stump you

Write and prepare for interview presentations that demonstrate your skills and value

Craft thank you notes that solidify your chance to obtain an offer

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ProForm U Negotiation Prep

Understand the mindset and employ the strategies and word choice of a collaborative negotiator

Develop and utilize your resume to negotiate your target salary

Leverage competitive salary research Use a firm job offer to increase your pay and benefits

Pace and manage a collaborative salary discussion

Propose counteroffers

Negotiate collaboratively for the salary that you deserve

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Watch Elaine talk about the value of resume, interview and collaborative communication prep for any budding college or grad student or young and seasoned professionals.

No commitment. No upfront purchase. No required package