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Law School Admissions Counseling is about helping each student gain admission to law schools that are a great fit and a strategic path to your career goals.

Access Test Prep provides comprehensive, strategic application counseling to prospective law school students. Law school counseling can begin before, during, or after undergrad studies, and can include standardized test prep (usually LSAT). As part of the counseling process, we assist students in choosing courses and activities, securing internships, pursuing service initiatives, and identifying potential career options that provide a roadmap toward their law school and career end goals. We also offer resume, personal essay, and application guidance that takes the mystery out of the law school admission process.

We calmly and strategically consider individual goals while taking the stress out of admissions processes. Our law school admissions counselors can help each student craft compelling applications that fully represent his/her strengths. Access Test Prep can help students with the entire application process or selected parts.

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Creating Balanced Law
School Lists

Essay Brainstorming
and Strategic Planning

Resume Building/Career Guidance

Resume Writing

Strategic Decision Planning

Application Proofreading and Holistic Review Before Submission

Comprehensive Interview Prep for Law School Applications and Jobs

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Our primary goals are reducing stress in the law school application process and helping applicants gain admission to law schools that are an ideal fit.

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Our law school applicants have been accepted to


Harvard Junior Deferral





University of Georgia

University of Virginia

University of Pennsylvania


Brooklyn Law School

George Washington


University of Miami

and many more.

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