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One-On-One Customized SAT & ACT Tutoring

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Helping SAT and ACT Students Achieve Their Personal Best

Program is based on 25+ years of standardized test and SAT & ACT tutoring expertise
Curriculum is one-on-one and customized for each SAT & ACT student
Virtual tutoring is identical to in-person and results in the same level of score increases
All tutors use time-tested strategies to tackle each question type
We add value by teaching targeted test-taking skills and filling in academic gaps
The results are increased scores and improved grades

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Our primary goals are reducing stress and delivering SAT & ACT scores that gain admission

Check icon Tutors are trained to collaborate with students of all ages
Check icon One-on-one method aligns with the needs of students of all learning styles and abilities
Check icon Customized approach can be tailored to students with learning differences
No commitment. No upfront purchase. No required package
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Students begin by taking a proctored, full diagnostic SAT and ACT
Our Process
Diagnostic SAT and ACT identify strengths and weaknesses, enabling customized, individualized programs
Our Process
Diagnostics are scored and analyzed, tutor is assigned and tutoring begins
Our Process

SAT & ACT Applicant Assessment and Insights

Check icon Method provides diagnostic data, yielding customized programs that meet individual needs
Check icon Students have multiple opportunities to practice learned skills in sessions and on homework
Check icon Periodic practice tests provide on-going diagnostic insight to further customize curriculum

What are the SAT and ACT?

The SAT and ACT are entrance exams used by most colleges and universities to make admissions decisions. Some colleges and universities also use SAT and ACT results when considering admissions to Honors programs and in awarding merit scholarships

The purposes of the SAT and ACT are to measure a high school student’s readiness for college and to provide colleges with common data points that can be used to compare most applicants

Overall, the higher you score on the SAT or ACT, the more options you will have for attending and paying for college

Meet Some of Our SAT & ACT Tutors

All tutors score in the 99th percentile on any standardized test this tutor and are subject matter experts in other areas. They are all trained by founder and veteran tutor Charles Mendels in content and strategy.

Amanda Bouck

Amanda is a graduate of Princeton University and a subject matter expert in math. She began her teaching career in 2009 as an SAT and math tutor, and she joined the Access family in 2013. That experience inspired Amanda to obtain her Master’s Degree in Teaching: Secondary Mathematics. She currently teaches Algebra I, Algebra II, Pre-Calculus, and AP Calculus at Wheeler High School. She also coaches the math team and is the Mu Alpha Theta sponsor.
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Micha Mullen

Micha has been with Access since 2015 and has been tutoring since 2010. They are known for their patient, supportive tutoring style, which aims to boost a student’s confidence. They excel in a wide range of subjects, including ACT and SAT prep, mathematics, chemistry, and physics. Most recently, Micha served as an evaluative consultant and test taker for Educational Testing Service (ETS), providing feedback on the question design and content of the new SAT.
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The Access Test Prep Difference

I just wanted to let you know Meredith scored a 1530 on the latest SAT - 780 Verbal and 750 math. Thank you both - we’re pleased! I have a rising sophomore that you will likely see in the future!
Male Student MCAT

The Access Test Prep Difference

Our son took the ACT and scored a 35 composite. 34 in Math, Science, and English. 35 in Reading. We’re very pleased with the result and the gains Ashley helped him achieve since the practice test late last year. He won’t need to re-take the test. Thanks for your work with both of my kids!

The Access Test Prep Difference

Charles helped me raise my SAT score by more than 550 points, but he did so much more. He improved my writing, vocabulary, and reading comprehension. Charles was always available and instilled in me a high level of confidence. Switching from another tutoring company to Access Test Prep was one of the best decisions I have ever made

The Access Test Prep Difference

We are super pleased with Amanda! We just got Colin's scores back from his most recent ACT, and he got his Superscore up to a 35 which is awesome. We've got 2 more kids to get ready for college in the next 4 years, so you will likely be hearing from me again.
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One-On-One Customized SAT & ACT Tutoring

No commitment. No upfront purchase. No required package


One-On-One Customized
SAT & ACT Tutoring

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No upfront purchase,
No required package
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