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Program is based on 25+ years of standardized test and SSAT tutoring expertise
Curriculum is one-on-one and customized for each SSAT student
Virtual tutoring is identical to in-person and results in the same level of score increases
All tutors use time-tested strategies to tackle each question type
We add value by teaching targeted test-taking skills and filling in academic gaps
The results are increased scores and improved grades

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Our primary goals are reducing stress and delivering SSAT scores that gain admission

Check icon Tutors are trained to collaborate with students of all ages
Check icon One-on-one method aligns with the needs of students of all learning styles and abilities
Check icon Customized approach can be tailored to students with learning differences
No commitment. No upfront purchase. No required package
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Students begin by taking a proctored, full diagnostic SSAT
Our Process
Diagnostic SSAT identifies strengths and weaknesses, enabling customized, individualized programs
Our Process
Diagnostics are scored and analyzed, tutor is assigned and tutoring begins
Our Process

Student Assessment and Data Insight

Check icon Method provides diagnostic data, yielding customized programs that meet individual needs
Check icon Students have multiple opportunities to practice learned skills in sessions and on homework
Check icon Periodic practice tests provide on-going diagnostic insight to further customize curriculum

What is the SSAT?

The SSAT is a standardized test that rising 4th through 12th grade students are required to take when seeking admission to many independent (private) schools and many of the nation’s boarding schools.

The SSAT measures verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, reading comprehension, and writing skills.

The SSAT can be taken on paper or online at a test center or in-office (Flex testing), or online at home.

The SSAT is administered on three levels:

Elementary - for students currently in grades 3-4 (applying to grades 4-5)

Middle - for students currently in grades 5-7 (applying to grades 6-8

Upper - for students currently in grades 8-11 (applying to grades 9-12)

Meet Some of Our SSAT Tutors

All tutors score in the 99th percentile on any standardized test this tutor and are subject matter experts in other areas. They are all trained by founder and veteran tutor Charles Mendels in content and strategy.

Becky Cekis

Becky is a seasoned one-on-one and small class instructor. She is calm and patient with her students and is always providing support when they need it. Becky likes to help students build connections and link concepts together, regardless of what field those concepts originate from, while also providing them with the tools and concepts they need to reach the “aha” moment. In her spare time, Becky is a professional seamstress, embroidery designer, and sewing instructor.
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James Jacoby

James, who has been tutoring since 2011, excels in working with students of all abilities in mathematics, chemistry, and languages. Before joining Access Test Prep, James worked as a math tutor and a standardized test instructor. James has also volunteered for multiple organizations, including Habitat for Humanity and the Sandy Springs International Adult Education Center.
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The Access Test Prep Difference

My son is working with Becky for the SSAT, and he really likes her. She is professional, intellectual, serious, responsive, flexible, and knowledgeable. She has kept things moving along. Helps my son with problem solving, not rushing, and other skills that will apply to many academic situations in the future. It is an easy relationship. She is committed to my son, and we are committed to her

The Access Test Prep Difference

James was amazing. He did SSAT prep with both of our sons (7th and 9th grade). They have both gotten into their first-choice school! James has been a blessing, and we are returning to work with him again for school help.

The Access Test Prep Difference

Things are going well. I think James is great and is really helping Drew learn the tricks and strategies. His practice test last weekend was excellent and gave him confidence for his first real SSAT next weekend.
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One-On-One Customized SSAT Tutoring

No commitment. No upfront purchase. No required package