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Computer Science Graduate and Writing Consultant

Stephen is a experienced tutor and writing consultant. His work has included time helping others at the UGA Writing Center, including a PhD candidate working on his dissertation. Stephen has worked well with students who possess a wide range of abilities. He reads his students carefully, judges their mood and understanding, and uses humor when appropriate to break the ice and lighten the atmosphere. Once students begin to make progress, Stephen likes to push them to greater understanding by challenging them with increasingly complex material.

Interests and hobbies:  3D printing, chess, board games, writing, poetry, computer coding


  • University of Georgia, BS in Computer Science with a minor in English


Test Prep

SAT/ACT • AP Statistics • AP English • Literature and Composition • AP English • Language and Composition • AP World History • AP Computer Science


Pre-Algebra • Algebra I • Algebra II • Geometry • Statistics


Earth Science • Environmental Science


Literature • Language • Writing • Term Papers

World History

Computer Science

Study Skills

College Application Essays

No commitment. No upfront purchase. No required package